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We understand you don't have time to be in pain. Our goal is to get you feeling better fast. Our treatment plans are tailored to meet each patient’s individual needs. Common techniques include  electrical stimulation, ultrasound, medical massage, and strengthening, stretching and stabilizing exercises.

Power Plate

Need any of these health benefits in 15 minutes a week?
*Increased muscle strength, especially explosive strength
*Pain reduction (such as with fibromyalgia)
*Increase hormone secretion: IGF-1, testosterone, and human growth hormone (HGH)
*Counteract age-related muscle wasting
*Increase fat loss; Power Plate in conjunction with resistance training improved fat loss in menopausal women.
*visceral fat loss
*reduction of cellulite
*Increase flexibility and mobility
*Increase secretion of serotonin and norepinephrine
*Improve proprioception and balance
*Increase lymphatic drainage
* decrease cortisol levels
*speed up recovery from injury
*Improve fitness in the elderly
If so, you need Power Plate!


Improve the patient’s injury with a hands-on approach; stretching, soft tissue release, joint mobilizations, fascial release, etc. That is in contrast to what some suggest is a more exercise-based approach; instructing patients on exercises to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and sharpen coordination.


Our approach at Tripp Chiropractic is to treat the whole body, not just an isolated injury. We offer a variety of personalized, one-on-one treatments to ensure our patients’ long-term health and wellness.

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